ANGLO LEATHER CRAFT is a fine leather brand owned by 4 generations of the Irving family in Liverpool. Every manufacturing process is man made at ANGLO LEATHER, such as their iconic leather mesh belt which is hand knitted by a knitter who is continuously trained by a professional knitter at the same time. The process of creating bags and belts once the mesh is woven is a unique method  established by ANGLO. What made ANGLO so famous was how Mr. Irving created a mesh belt without using any form of strap but only using the woven leather. 

Various types of leather from all over Europe are shipped to ANGLOs factory to be wax coated before it is even woven. The wax coating is also another creation by the Irvings in that it keeps the shine after years of wearing their belt. Actually not only does it keeps the original shine but instead the wax coating they developed helps the belt have a better look after time. Ralph lauren is famous for having his belt developed and produced by the ANGLOs today in their Liverpool factory. SILAS and ANGLO LEATHER CRAFT developed a belt together choosing colors that reflect SILAS style and adding the ANGLO craftmanskills, We are proud to announce this collaboration that is sure to be passed down to the next generation.

Hot off the trails of the news of Silas colab with Gloverall, which also releases this weekend at Silas Japanese based stores, this Anglo colab is not only exciting for Silas fans like myself but for anyone who’s a fan of high quality.