Damir Doma has to be one of our favourite labels of 2009, so we were excited to find out that they are launching a new diffusion line called Silent.  The collection will include a series of basic items – jersey and denim in a similar silhouette to the Damir Doma mainline as well as washed leather and canvas footwear and accessories at a more accessible price and style.  The initial release for the label will be these simple yet impressive luxury sneakers in white and black leather and suede.


For anyone that is familiar with his collections it will come as no surprise to find that the Croation born, German raised designer learned his skills in Antwerp as a former protege of Raf Simons.  Simons’ influence can clearly be seen in Doma’s minimal and modernist approach, as well as his monochromatic colour schemes, but to this Doma brings a less structured look and his own elegant flowing, draped approach.  This isn’t a look for everyone (myself included) but its an interesting alternative to the very practical and masculine look that’s dominating menswear at the moment, this style is already beginning to influence the mainstream (several high street stores currently sell drop crotch trousers, draped cardigans, etc..) so itsan appropriate time for Doma to take the opportunity to captialise on the rising popularity of the style he has been so instrumental in creating.

Silent will be available soon from Oki-Ni