Word came to us a few months back that Damir Doma would be releasing an organic cotton diffusion range. SILENT is a collaboration with Swiss fashion group Paper Rain, aimed at delivering cotton basics to compliment Damir Doma’s mainline. As a fan of basics, I’m quickly becoming a fan of SILENT before its even launched, the sneakers, we showed you some time ago, are my favourites for the upcoming season, and alongside Alexander Wang’s new menswear collection SILENT is definately amongst my most awaited new collections for 2010.

“Today as the world is changing in ways still difficult to understand, values such as luxury are evolving too. ‘Classic’ luxury is still often represented by expensive, shiny or loud brands or products. However, a new type of ‘valuable goods’ is emerging: silence, time and peace of mind are becoming rarer- and thus more precious as the environment and the global system seems more and more fragile, and we become more and more interconnected,” – Damir Doma.

SILENT is about to launch its own website with much more information, but for now check out some of the collection below.





Source: This Hearts on Fire.