TKSilly Thing is a multi-media establishment. Founded by TK in 2000, Silly Thing caters for design, publishing and artist management, but would be best known for its clothing brand, Silly Thing. Constantly pursuing high profile collaborations with international fashion brands such as Undercover, Comme des Garçons, Bape®, Head Porter, Hysteric Glamour, Stüssy, Silas, and Bounty Hunter, they also collaborate with cross-disciplinaries such as British band U.N.K.L.E, artist James Jarvis, U.S. pop-rap artist and producer Pharrell Williams, artist Futura, Colette in Paris and Ed Bangers Records. All parts of Silly Thing aim to achieve a considered balance between commerce and creativity. A prime example of this would be when Silly Thing launched its Visual and Creative Production Company in 2008. Its first project saw them managing the entire McDonald’s 24 Hour promotion scheme. Silly Thing is building lasting professional relationships with world renowned brands. Whether by planning and producing collaboration items, managing promotions for events or operating stores for international brands, Silly Thing continues to strengthen its exposure in different sectors of the market to maximise its force to
benefit their clients.

Silly Thing is now an established brand name, targeting influencers and the like. Tell us about how the concept came about?
I named the company Silly Thing because when you look at fashion and music and everything from the other side, it’s quite silly to keep chasing for the latest products or the latest tunes. “I need to have this, I need to have that….” and so on. But this is what kept a lot of us carrying on with our lives. In the very beginning we just did whatever we thought was fun. Back then, most of the original members in the team had a real job so the Silly Thing studio was more like a place for all of our friends to hang out. We never really took it as a real business. We just kept printing t-shirts and stickers for our friends. I think it was around the millennium when I decided to turn it into something that really represented us as a business. It could be anything from fashion, music,magazines, art and so on. I wanted to create something that had everything in it. Something that means I don’t have to depend on anybody else. For instance, we’ve created our own line of products and our own magazines that we think really represent us, as well as our generation. From there, we started a new way of business for Hong Kong linking up fashion, magazines, music, art and visuals altogether into one single company.

Over the past few years you’ve been at the forefront of a change within streetwear. Many of those involved in the culture have matured and become more interested in fashion, almost developing a new genre that’s a cross between the two – ‘street fashion’. What’s your take on the developing and maturing world of street fashion?
I’m just doing things that I feel are right for the company. I don’t really think the way I used to anymore, but I believe it’s the right time to develop and establish a new direction for the company that really represents myself and the people working here at Silly Thing.

Where do you find inspiration? What keeps your passion for fashion going?
Anything. Things I see on the street when I am driving, my friends, books. I love seeing customers and friends enjoy what I create.

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