The young skate community here in Seoul will be out at the Han River Nanji Park Skatepark for their monthly sesh “Monthly Grind.”  Pr1zm will be chipping in goods to raise money for a Tsunami relief charity.

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Our young skater homeys here at Pr1zm have been busy on their off time with some good things. Check out the newly launched online skate zine: dooonuts. Seung Wook Jee will be repping the local skate scene with updates, photos and videos.


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You can see a little more of what’s going down in Seoul through these great photographs by Portland based filmmaker/photographer Johnny Le. Johnny was up to some cool things while travelling through Asia late last year – so expect to see a little more about him soon.

Until then, here’s a sneak peek of screen grabs of  his zine, snapped when Johnny linked up with our boys Seung Wook, Jung Yeol, Jinsil and Jay Han on a mellow Saturday in Seoul > “Remember the Days” >

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