Decades of war have left Afghan youth with very limited options for sports and recreation. An Australian man is trying to change that by starting a skateboarding school for children.


I’ve been watching alot of these types of moving documentaries as of late. I feel that day to day television feeds your brain with such negativity that you almost conform to what is fed to you. A good example is the state of the economy. The news pushes and pushes, the markets react to the bad news, and people turn into hermits, staying in their caves until someone says it’s ok to come out.

I haven’t had a television for a year and a half living up in Portland. I watched all the movies offered at the Nike Lab and rented movies. Just this past holiday, I picked up an LCD (a peer pressure thing) and basic cable to see what I’ve been missing. I tell you, not alot. Basic cable with an HD tuner picks up alot. I spend alot of time on the HD discovery channel. That stuffs good brain food.