Witha  lot of talk surrounding the Skullphone especially after reports on Supertouch, Paper Mag thought it would be good to catch up with Skullphone. Having appeared on 10 digital billboards around LA Skullphone would neither confirm nor deny Wired’s report that the billboard time was purchased from Clear Channel. Here are some sound bites from this fascinating conversation with Skullphone.

"The art of hacking I know nothing about. What is hacking? What is art?"

"People thought Bob Dylan sold out when he went electric. I guess people weren’t ready for it."

"To me it’s American art. The (now digital) billboard on the side of the highway."

"’Skullphone digital billboards.’ It was a logical fit."

"Once again, it’s a matter of semantics. What does it mean to hack the system. Is getting people to think for themselves hacking?"

"Skullphone has a right to be there."