Took a flight to Auckland this week.

I watched The Last Waltz on the plane. It was interviews and footage of The Band and their last gig by Scorsese. I hadn’t seen it before. It was amazing with heaps of cameos.

Got off the plane and went straight to the auction house I was delivering 2 x Kill Pixie works and 4 x Cleon Peterson works too.
It’s Webb’s if you wanna bid this Tuesday – great works

There was heaps of taxidermy from some dude’s collection

This guy reminded me of that Rachenberg

This is Neil with the Koons. Super rad.
The packaging and the box and the instructions! Ha!

Then I took a walk around the city before dark.

I saw Max Gimblet mounting this show.

There he is in the back.

Found amazing book stores. Parsons!!! – Thx Rene!
Also this second hand one which was great.

I found this there and meant to buy it.
Robert is the curator at IMA Brisbane. I was psyched this book had travelled to here. Oh the life of a well loved book.

Found the Auckland Art Gallery and hit the NZ section.

This gallery had an amazing dimensional replication of that neverending reflection you get when you look in two facing mirrors. So great!

Joy Bong.

That night Erin picked me up and took me to dinner with her brethren the Slamxhype / Paything folks that I had never met.

L-R. Leah, Ben and Nickie.

Then Yasmine and Adam.

Tepanyaki man with the most rye and jaded jokes like he sad said them millions of time.
It was much better that way.

The next day.

I preferred to think of this as less of a demand and more of a suggestion for living.

Went to see the SlamX offices and more importantly the new Plaything Gallery where Erin had a show.

Then to the Museum

Great weaponry

And other fellows.

The botanical gardens and hot house.

Then the flight home.

Ahhh. The reason to come home.

Jules less so.