SlamXStyle: Our “Bae-Watch” Beachwear Guide

We are in the midst of a brutal summer, and there is no excuse for letting cleavage season pass without a trip to the beach for unobstructed ogling. Unless you’re horribly landlocked, we can’t think of a reason to forgo the sun and sand. So, assuming you’re not dead-set on donning a banana hammock, we compiled this SlamXStyle to point you in the right direction of shoreline wardrobe choices. This gallery of streetwear beachwear should help you to get some fans while you’re tanning.

Check out the links below

Stussy History 8.5 Trunk

10.Deep Bushmaster Tank

Lemar and Dauley Thrift Store Tank

Saturdays NYC Polka Dot Trunk

Nike Air Man Lunar 1 JCRD Pack

Supreme Box Logo Beach towel

Sophnet Stripe Tote bag

Huf Black Bamboo Jungle Hat