SlamXStyle: Not Everyone Looks Good In Fur. Actually, Most People Look Terrible

It’s partially about their price tag, part about their historic pedigree, but fur coats are classy. With that being said, wearing a fur coat doesn’t always make you look good.

It seems like no woman thinks that she looks bad in fur. They may be against the murdering of animals or think that such expensive pieces of clothing are for old ladies, but all women seem to think fur automatically makes them look like Marilyn Monroe.

Moreover, just like wearing a fedora makes guys think they look like Humphrey Bogart, fur coats don’t necessarily treat their male wearers any better…

So, before you go ahead and splurge on his-and her-furs, just know you guys could come out looking like this…

So, use caution. If you’re thinking of getting yourself or your girlfriend something nice, maybe just stick with one of these 8 things.