As winter descends on much of the Northern Hemisphere, Miami plays host to Art Basel. And as the fashionable art world crowds stream out the doors of MIA International Airport, they’re greeted with the sweaty reality of a Floridian December.

So how is an art connoisseur supposed to run his/her way from a gallery to a musical performance to the beach and back without looking like a soiled towel from LeBron James‘ locker?

Lucky for you, there’s SlamXStyle, a curated outfit that is handpicked by our staff to make you look good. Right now we’ll focus on what to wear at Art Basel during the daylight hours, and check back tomorrow for your after-dark look.

Beams Plus Slim Fit Embroidered Brushed-Cotton Shorts

shorts copy

Shorts are a given, but this frayed-bottom offering from Beams Plus aren’t just any given shorts; they’ll give you just the right of embroidered detailing — those are little shoe surfers — without making you look like you’re fresh of a boat from Nantucket.

Short-up on Mr. Porter for $215.

Del Toro X Shayan Afshar Leather 10K Gold Star Alto Chukka Sneaker

del toro copy

Miami is home to the ubër-talented leather makers at Del Toro. Do as the locals do with these Del Toro x Shayan Afshar leather Chukkas.

Get a pair for $2,000 off Del Toro’s webstore.

Acne Limit Cotton T-Shirt


White tees are a classic choice for beachfront wear, but Acne‘s limited scoop-neck T-Shirt brings that classic-ness into 2013.

Mr. Porter has the Acne tee for $85.

Lock & Co Hatters Rambler Wool-Felt Fedora

hat copy

Fedoras aren’t just for 1920s Chicago gangsters and Bruno Mars, and you don’t want to return to your hotel post-adventures to find out that your sunburned forehead will be making an appearance at all the night’s parties.

Cover your head for $200 off Mr. Porter.

NN.07 Franklin Loopback Jersey Bomber Jacket

sweatshirt copy

Because sometimes event promotors over-compensate for hot weather conditions by blasting air-conditioning, you’ll want to be prepared with a light sweatshirt-like garment. NN.07‘s Bomber will get your back.

Get one off Mr. Porter for $260.

RETROSUPERFUTURE Ciccio Silver Francis Black Sunglasses


Because, obviously.

Bring $222 to Hypebeast’s webstore and they’re yours.