The Fat Jew

The personal style of New York comedian/ Internet personality/ self-described “Z-List Celebrity” The Fat Jew is as eclectic as the photos and memes he posts to his entertainingly insane Instagram. He describes it as “Homosexual Biker Chic” and/or “Gayangster” (yes, Gay + Gangster), a collection consisting of rugged menswear items, one-off pieces, and women’s accessories. It’s crazy, but fitting for a man who does things like this.

SlamXHype decided to have The Fat Jew curate his ideal outfit, complete with descriptions from the mind of the man himself. Draw what you want from it, but just remember, it takes a real man to pair a set of Karen Walker women’s sunglasses with dream catcher earrings and shitkicker boots.


The Jewish Motorcycle Gang Vest

The Fat Jew

“I am the founder of an all-Jewish motorcycle crew called “Mazel Tuff.” It consists of about 10 guys, and we ride on the weekends, because some of the members are dentists and accountants and can’t ride on weekdays.”


The Black Lee Jeans

The Fat Jew

“Basic tough guy wear. Sturdy. None of that boot-cut nonsense.”


The Combat Boots


“Ultimate Gayangster accessory. Combat boots, like real shitkickers, but luxury brands only. Usually Prada.”


The Pendleton Jackets For Man + Dog

The Fat Jew

“I have 2 king Charles Cavalier Spaniels, and I try to wear matching jackets with them at all times. We all have custom made Pendleton jackets, we’re so f*cking Southwest.”


The Sunglasses

The Fat Jew

“Women’s brands only. Karen Walker, Prada, Alexander McQueen.”


The Earrings



The Fat Jew


“With earrings I either go wild Southwestern, or straight up hood. I get huge dreamcatchers that are made to hang on beds turned into earrings, or huge doorknockers like ghetto chicks wore in the ’80’s. I’ll like real chunky ones with a script name in the middle.Like Brittney. Or José”


 SlamXGarb: The Fat Jew Rocks A “Mazel Tuff”/Womenswear Style