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The writers and editors at SlamXHype spend their whole lives on the Internet — yes, it’s sad– scouring the vast reaches and recesses of it’s digital landscape to find the coolest shit around. They’re black belts at it and, thus at the art of the link roundup.

Some of that stuff finds it’s way onto SlamXHype’s website, others come straight here as SlamXWeekly, a curated set of links to the best and most awesome stuff that the interwebs has to offer.

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Artist George Chamoun collage-d together photographs of celebrities from today and yesteryear. It’s mind-blowing how similar today’s public figures resemble those of yesteryear; Scarlett Johansson and Marilyn Monroe are basically the same person.

Diddy accidentally/purposefully tried to kiss Bono on the mouth at the Golden Globes. Yes, there were obviously cameras.


New York comedian and all-around wild man The Fat Jew curated his perfect outfit for SlamXGarb. He describes it as “Gay Meets Gangster… Gayangster”.

Jay Z‘s Life And Times explored the world of #menswear for kids, because it’s a thing.


A whole slew of Fall/Winter 2014 collections hit the catwalks of London and Milan. Here are the worst cowboy, alien, and lazy college kid creations.

SUPER BOWL STUFF: Bloomingdales, CFDA, and a slew of designers from Public School and Todd Snyder to Billy Reid and Mark McNairy are designing custom football helmets to be auctioned for charity.


#Menswear may help get women back to your sex lair, but if you’re wearing one of the 10 worst streetwear items to take off before having sex, your fashion may also cockblock your foreplay.

Most Cool Things uncovered a very cool collection of cookie making devices that (hopefully) can’t be found in your grandmother’s kitchen: Kama Sutra Sex Position Cookie Cutters. See them/buy them.


There’s a man in Iran who hasn’t bathed in 60 years. He also lives in a grave-like trench and smokes animal poop… like a boss.

The all-knowing users of Reddit have found 17 absurdly expensive versions of every day things. There’s $6,000 socks, a $527,463 iPod dock, and a $1.3 million gold stool…


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