Link Round Up

The writers and editors at SlamXHype spend their whole lives on the Internet — yes, it’s sad– scouring the vast reaches and recesses of it’s digital landscape to find the coolest shit around. They’re masters of it.

Some of that stuff finds it’s way onto SlamXHype’s website, others are contained here in SlamXWeekly, a curated set of links to the best and most awesome stuff that the interwebs has to offer.

SlamXWeekly arrives every Friday, so enjoy the first installment below, then check back a week from today for more.


Pirelli has been publishing a new uber-artsy calendar ever year since 1964. This year is their 50th Anniversary so they’re digging through their archive and dropping gems like the 2001 shot of Gisele Bundchen above. Read a Life+Times interview with the curator of Pirelli’s 50th Anniverary Calendar, Francesca De Cherubinihere.

Twitter absolutely ruined a girl’s life, or more accurately, a girl ruined her own life using Twitter as a tool. Read about the whole technology X insensitivity event on Forbes.

Because their names sound good together, BEEN TRILL and Mike WiLL Made It dropped a mixtape together. Stream it.


Thanks to the epic collection of like a million music videos she released with her surprise, self-titled album, Beyoncé scored another platinum selling project. See what other musics hit it big in 2013 with The Most Game-Changing Music Videos of 2013 Part 1 and Part 2.

The SlamXSounds‘ mix of All The Music That Mattered in 2013 came out. And it was good. Nay, it was GREAT. Listen.


Hopefully, you held it together during present-opening time better than this little guy. Classic meltdown.

An art-crazed Swizz Beatz gave Jay Z the world’s weirdest Christmas gift this year. Check it out.


40oz Van made logos cool again with their 3M capsule. See the whole collection here.

Robin Thicke got a bunch of women to go naked again a la “Blurred Lines”, this time for the sexy magazine Treats!


Can you name all the rappers who stole their look from the Simpsons characters, there are 9. Take the quiz.