The weekend is rapidly approaching and that usually means a fair share of merrymaking antics for most of us here at AIAIAI headquarters. However, some of us are getting…well, I guess there’s no point in pussyfooting around it: we’re getting old. Or maybe we’re just getting weird. Because what we really long for is to float around weightlessly somewhere around the four Galileian moons of Jupiter, while listening to ethereal early 90s shoegaze. And it turns out we’re in luck. Some genius human being on Youtube took a bunch of footage from the Hubble Space Telescope and matched it with the mountain of aural melancholy from ‘93 that is Slowdive’s ‘Souvlaki Space Station’. This may bore the living daylights out of the weekend-hungry party kids among you. But you’re all soulless, disrespectful, uppity young upstarts, who’ll get half a nelson if you don’t pipe down, so there. As for the rest of you: enjoy the slowness.