“From the producer on the First 48 on A&E comes “Snow on tha Bluff”, a movie shot in a notoriously crime ridden neighborhood in West Atlanta, known as “Tha Bluff”. This is a gangster movie, but it’s groundbreaking in the sense that it shows the true reality of the run-in-gun gangster lifestyle, far from Hollywood glorification. “Snow on tha Bluff” blurs the line of reality by incorporating real footage with the movie’s narrative.

Snow On Tha Bluff is the story of Curtis Snow, an Atlanta robbery boy and crack dealer who steals a video camera from some college kids during a dope deal, and begins documenting his life. At first, it’s business as usual for Curt. He robs dope boys, he runs from the cops, and he sells drugs, all while trying to provide for his baby momma and 2-year-old son. But when one of the rival drug dealers he rips off comes back for revenge, Curt’s life spirals out of control.”