Sonia Boyajian recently unveiled her latest works at the Comme des Garcons Guerrilla Store in Downtown Los Angeles during a special function held at the store during Downtown LA’s Art Walk night. The jeweler handcrafts each piece, which as a result, leaves every piece unique and unlike every other piece. Precious metals and stones are common materials used by Boyajian and they are manipulated and placed in a very distinct manner, which definitely sets her apart from others in this special trade. The latest pieces to arrive at Guerrilla Store +1 213 range from very ornate rings with large gems as their centerpieces, to items that are more subtle featuring smaller stones that adorn the pieces, to very rough appearing unisex rings made with metal displaying zero stones at all. The Heavy Metal rings are made with pure sterling silver metal, while others utilize 10k gold wire that wrap around. The stones used in the pictures below range from chalcedony, c.z. stones,, glass beads and hand cut plexi glass. All the pieces shown are available now at the Comme des Garcons Guerrilla Store +1 213 in Downtown Los Angeles