TRAVERSE TOKYO exclusively releases a new pair of round frame eyeglasses in collaboration with Japanese brand,,ltd. and TAIHACHIRO-KINSEI, by celluloid eyewear craftsman Taihachiro Yamamoto. Inspired by a classic Boston shape, the “Charles” model’s thin frame is a rare design choice for TAIHACHIRO-KINSEI, accenting retro features and utilising Nikon’s blue-cut coating lens to reduce glare. As with all Taihachiro Yamamoto’s frames, the glasses are the result of a manufacturing method that uses a special celluloid material which has been dried for more than 5 years. The final product becomes a classic, genuine tortoiseshell frame by utilising a specialized polishing technique. From its inception until the final touches, only around 200 Taihachiro frames a month are completed. With limited numbers produced, head over to TRAVERSE TOKYO now for availability.