Japan’s Sophnet do the brand collaboration thing like no one else.  Their recent 10th anniversary collection demonstrated just how strong their concepts and execution can be, producing an amazing range of products that were minimal, whilst still staying true all of the involved brands’ heritages.   This latest preview of their capsule collection with Steven Alan is equally as impressive.  Both companies offer a fantastic smart/casual look that focuses more on fit and detail than crazy designs, gimmicks and trends, they create contemporary causal wear that would fit into any man’s wardrobe and fills most of mine.  This collection features Soph’s version of the New York label’s much respected checked shirts and down vests and should be available from the Japanese retailer in January.  I’m already planning on how to get my hands on it.


Brand collaborations used to be a something we got really excited about, they were a celebration of two sets of creative minds with complimentary aesthetics and a shared product vision working hard to produce varied and truly unexpected results.  Unfortunately, these days collaborations tend to be hastily conceived and put together, and often become little more than a commercial exercise by brands trying to stretch their appeal to a new demographic of consumer.  Most recently we have seen an ill conceived joint Garbstore and Mighty Healthy collection, plus a disappointing Supreme X APC collaboration – all brands we would have expected more from.  Whats your views on these collections, and what collaborations would you like to see?

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  1. Geoffrey

    SOPH still is cool. I think the Steven Alan collection is really great. True the Supreme x APC collab could have been way better but that was more a show of power then anything creative or relevant.

  2. Geoffrey

    Ya you’re right. A lot of things have been about $$$$$$$$ lately.