With Copenhagen Fashion Week presenting more impressive work, here is a further insight into the Soulland Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection. The Soulland Autumn/winter 2011 collection, Civilized, is inspired by the American Civil War, where Northern and Southern forces battled on slavery and state rights. After the famous battles of Gettysburg and Vicksburg in 1863 the North was in the lead and conquered the South in April 1865. Silas Adler about the collection: “For the autumn/winter 2011 collection we studied the uniforms of the soldiers who fought the civil war and the flags they served under. We were particularly inspired by portraits of soldiers and the sense of honor in the soldiers that comes across”. “For the collection we also studied the details of the soldiers’ pockets and collars, and without making uniforms we worked to convert the details into modern menswear. There were many different levels of status in the troops and their clothing showed where in society they belonged. Within these levels we especially looked at the hobo soldiers. Their layering was a great inspiration throughout the development of the collection”.

More images from the Soulland Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection here.