”The Bauhaus was probably the most important style for influencing modern architecture and design as we know it today. The abstract form and the geometric shapes obviously played a central inspirational role for the season. We were particularly inspired by a more unknown part of the Bauhaus School; Das Triadisches Ballett by Oskar Schlemmer in which the actors are transfigured from the normal to geometrical shapes.” – Silas Adler / Soulland

Das Triadisches Ballett was a three-act pantomime ballet; a mix of dance and mime. Signs with ‘Katastrophe’, ‘Pause’ and ‘Spannung’ were used to indicate peaks, breaks and turning points during the performance. One of the most characteristic items in the Soulland Spring/Summer 2014 collection is a sweatshirt with ‘Katastrophe’ on front, a square on the back and patches on the sleeves. A sweatshirt with slubs and ‘Katastrophe’ embroidered on the front is also noteworthy and could become a key item of the season. The Soulland emblem sweatshirt is this season introduced in two new versions; one with emblem on front and Soulland capitals embroidered on the sleeves and a version with a multicolor Soulland emblem on front.

Allover print and collage print has been a Soulland characteristic for a while. Three new prints have been developed for the Soulland shirt line. The prints are made by hand and features masks, geometrics and fragmented architectural pieces. The geometrics and architectural pieces are also highlighted on a line of chinos and chino shorts. The form and geometrics of the Bauhaus is well presented on a line of knitwear in multicolors inspired by the Kandinsky color combinations. The Soulland ‘Monrad’ sweatshirt comes in three colors; black, navy and green, which plays as main colors for the season. The Soulland wool varsity jacket is back in new colors; petroleum, grey and navy. This season the ‘Oda’ trench coat is presented in a shiny tech fabric and the ‘Stewart’ reversible jacket comes in striped cotton twill in beige, blue, navy and bright green. The striped cotton twill in bright colors is also used for chino shorts and a shirt adding a summerly feeling to the collection.