Exciting times for Candian online retailer SSENSE, as they become the first fashion e-commerce website optimized for high density displays. This higher grade of display is fast becoming the norm with tech companies embracing it – it’s already used on a number of mobile devices like Apple’s iPhone 4S, the new iPad, HTC’s One X and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Likewise, the latest desktops are also being equipped with high density screens. What that means for us, as users, is an enhanced experience through much sharper and more detailed images. SSENSE CEO Rami Atallah explains, “High density is the future of display technology and optimizing for it will raise the bar not only for e-commerce but for all websites. Offering our customers the best possible viewing capabilities considerably improves the user experience. Craftsmanship, product detail and fabric quality are key characteristics of the products we sell, and the clarity of the images on such devices allows us to showcase this better than ever before.”

Spot the difference with the images above.