Born in Milan, Italy; Pilati has worked and designed for some of the most recognizable brands in high-fashion such as Giorgio Armani, Prada, Miu Miu and is now the Creative Director for all Yves Saint Laurent operations.

Date of Birth: 1965
Location: Milan, Italy

About Stefano Pilati

Born in Milan, Pilati actually started out as an architect major but interned with fashion designer Nina Cerruti where his new found passion for fashion emerged. Being that Pilati’s upbringing was around his 2 fashionable sisters, pursuing the route into the fashion world only made sense. His first gig in the fashion industry led him to being employed for an Italian velvet manufacturer and then secured a number of jobs as a fabric consultant for popular designers such as Versace and Valentino.

Stefano Pilati got his first big break in 1993 where he was taken on by Giorgio Armani as the menswear assistant and then graduated from Armani in 1995 into Prada as part of their fabric R&D team. Pilati quickly acceded in the fashion industry and in 1998, he became the Assistant Designer for Miu Miu, where he was responsible for both the mens and womens collection.

A new beginning emerged for Pilati in 2000 when he was discovered by Tom Ford and worked directly under him as his Creative Director. Under Tom Ford, Pilati designed the womens wear for YSL. The success of the line promoted Pilati and catapulted his career into the position of Director of Design in all of YSL’s categories in 2002. The disputes between Tom Ford and Yves Saint Laurent of creative direction into the brand ultimately put Pilati into the second-in-command position at YSL when Tom Ford left the brand in 2004. It was then, Pilati assumed the Creative Director position at YSL. 


Marie Claire, Spain – 2006 Prix de la Moda, Best Ready-To-Wear Designer of the Year

Fashion Group International – 2006, Best Designer of the Year

Marie Claire, Spain – 2007, Prix de la Moda, Best Accessories Designer of the Year

Japan Fashion Editor’s Club – 2008, International Designer of the Year

Telva – 2008, Best International Fashion Designer of the Year

Marie Claire, France – Prix D’Excellence de la Mode, Best Designer of the Year