Stefano Pilati is an icon. Not only for his work but for his personal style. Purple Magazine’s Olivier Zahm followed the Yves Saint Laurent designer around to get a real feel for what his inspirations were and how he applies that into his work and personal look. Have a peek at the editorial featuring Pilati himself. Wonderful images. The designer states, ‘Men’s fashion has changed a lot. It’s a disaster really, the men you see walking down the street. There’s no proportion, no sense of style. People look for comfort more than anything else. That’s the reason for the success of those shoes that are a bit city and a bit sporty. [Laughs] Why not have a nice pair of brogues, a nice pair of clogs for the weekend, and a pair of sneakers to do walking in? But it’s all mixed up now. ‘ Read the rest of the interview inside Purple magazine, on news stands now.






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