When a fashion mastermind appears in your establishment without a cent to spare to cover his charges what do you do? Well in ’91 Andre Balazs, the owner of Chateau Marmont, was presented with said dilemma as Stephen Sprouse fell under despair and wasn’t able to cover his charges for his stay. The soon to be genius owner decided to barter with Sprouse and accept 6 pieces of original Sprouse designs exclusive to Chateau Marmont. Recently these sketches were uncovered in the attic of the famed establishment and have been released to the public. Notcot give us the first look at sketch 1 of the 6, featuring the recognizable Sprouse textual treatment and flamboyant aesthetics. The remaining 5 sketches will be released at a later date, but with such a fascinating story i’m sure it just a matter of time before the collection sees the light of day.

Stephen Sprouse for Chateau Marmont '91