“When Josh and I first started thinking about this concept, we saw it as the perfect opportunity to intertwine style, character, education and art with a culture that we are not only familiar with, but actually a big part of.”

That perfectly sums up the thinking and concept behind the latest project unveiled from the Street Etiquette guys. The editorial is an intelligent homage to the first black colleges and the traditions, style, and messages taught and passed down through those involved. History is an important pillar in style as we have seen with the approaches many brand have taken with their Americana or Heritage inspired lines, yet the boys of Street Etiquette have found a way to push their content past that of surface aesthetics to that of a story. They are are in many ways becoming modern day historians with a skewed on fashion, a brilliant approach. View the Editorial Here.

The Black Ivy from Street Etiquette on Vimeo.