For the Stussy Toronto Chapter’s 1 year anniversary the iconic label have created a set of limited edition tees derived from two of Toronto’s most beloved retailers, Honest Ed’s and Sam The Record Man. With the release set for April 11, it could not get much more exciting with the in depth referencing creating something really unique for those from the area.

Honest Ed’s

“Honest Ed” Mirvish (1914-2007) ran Toronto. Ed was known as an eccentric; throwing huge street parties on his birthday (named Ed Mirvish Day in 2003) and giving away thousands of free turkeys on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Mirvish Productions, between being responsible for The Royal Alexandre, The Princess of Wales & Canon Theatres, almost single handedly kept theatre arts alive in the city. His piece de resistance, however, is Honest Ed’s: a labyrinth discount store and Toronto landmark that takes up an entire city block. Founded in 1948, it’s a 2-building maze of Elvis busts, canned sardines, corduroy pants and crooked floors. This tee pays tribute to the store and the man with a flip on the classic neon sign that you can probably see from space.

Sam The Record Man

Sam The Record Man was Canada’s largest music retailer. The company was founded in 1937 and the famous location on Yonge Street opened in 1967. It was a gigantic monolith that was impossible to miss, in part because of the huge neon turntables adorning the sign. You’ve probably seen it on film, either when Harland Williams was getting arrested in Half Baked or when the surrounding concrete got torn up in The Incredible Hulk. The aforementioned sign is no longer there as the franchise closed up shop in 2007, but it lives on with this tee flipping a part of classic Toronto signage once again and showing respect one year in.



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