Continuously, CLOT presents you the world simultaneous fashion culture. Founder Edison Chen, Kevin Poon together with STUSSY proudly announce the grand opening of the first ever STUSSY official Pop-up Store in Taiwan on March 30.

As to achieve the mission he set for himself, Edison Chen keep bringing and giving Taiwan the up-to-date fad that is missing here. This time the STUSSY Pop-up Store has been brought in Taiwan, with Lady Gaga’s creative director Matthew Williams as the store creative director, featuring a whole new aspect STUSSY vibe with the audacious interior design and CLOT x STUSSY x Matthew Williams collaborations will be released from March to May that are all exclusive for Taiwan.

As to respond to the strong STUSSY tribe in Taiwan, CLOT and STUSSY felt it is time to give Taiwan it’s own store and officially introduced STUSSY culture into Taiwan. To present from a new and distinctive perspective, CLOT invited Matthew Williams, former creative director for Lady Gaga and working partner for Nick Knight’s SHOWstudio and Kanye West, as the creative director for STUSSY Taiwan, Hong Kong and China.

Luckily, Taiwan has been chosen as the first stop. The pop-up store is built by the brainchild of Matthew Williams’ talents in photography and his forward thinking creativities. Applying Matthew Williams’ fond of classic STUSSY poster by large- scale light boxes, STUSSY Taiwan Pop-up Store is mix of vintage STUSSY imagery and modern industrial materials to bring the original STUSSY vibe to Taiwan

The most complete selection of STUSSY in-line products hand-picked by CLOT team can be found in the pop-up store, including S/S 2012 collection which is inspired by California roots and West coast heritage blended with an East coast sensibility as well as the outdoors influenced STUSSY Deluxe S/S 2012.

As STUSSY culture and design has always been inspired by the cities around the world: New York, London, Tokyo, Los Angeles were the first, and now CLOT and STUSSY brings Taiwan an exclusive collection that are inspired by Taiwan itself. CLOT, STUSSY along with Matthew Williams co-worked for the perfect limited edition combining deep California roots and West coast heritage with Taiwan feelings, first wave exclusive items including Taiwan city included classic STUSSY World Tour Tee, R.O.C. Tee with recombined graphics of Taiwan national flag elements with STUSSY
logos, and the R.O.C. Athletic Tee telling the great athletic inner spirit and power inside Taiwanese.