Stussy has teamed up with Japanese artist Keiichi Tanaami for a Guest Artist Series tee collection. The collection of 4 tees showcases Tanaami’s bold illustrative style and are available now at Stussy Chapter Stores, US and EU.

“Tanaami was 9 years old during the Great Tokyo Air Raid of World War II in 1945. Images seared into the back of his mind at that time would become major motifs and inspiration in Tanaami’s art works: roaring American bombers, searchlights scanning the skies, firebombs dropped from planes, the city, a sea of fire, deformed goldfish, and flashes from bombs reflecting in water.

In 1999, a retrospective of Tanaami’s works from the ’60s was held at Gallery 360° in Tokyo. The exhibit was praised highly by Yamataka EYE (Boredoms) and KAWS, cultural leaders of the new generation born after the ’60s. As a result, Tanaami’s works once again became popular amongst youth culture. Since 2005, Tanaami has presented new fine art work, where he continues to manifest images from his personal memories and from his dream world — personified goldfish, deformed characters, rays of light, helical pine trees, fantastical architecture, and young girls.”