Here is a great project that is part of the Stussy x Marvel Comics Collection that starts today. All Marvel Comics fans are able to post some pics of themselves with a cherished item from your personal Marvel collection on either Facebook, Twitter or the Stussy Tumblr. Whether its your favorite Marvel button, trading card, action figure, comic book, DVD or t-shirt, there will be bonus points if you’re wearing something Stussy or a super hero mask! Post your pictures on these sites:

Winners will get one Stussy x Marvel Comics Collection Poster from series one featuring either Captain America, Doc Ock, Dr. Doom, Ghost Rider, Punisher, Silver Surfer or Wolverine. These posters were never for sale and are only available through this promotion. Winners for each poster will be announced on Thursday, May 5 with series 2, a special edition artist series to follow on Friday, May 6.