Stussy, orginated in the early 1980s, as a product of the California surf culture, in Laguna Beach in Southern California. The ‘scrawled’ logo originates from when Shawn Stussy marked his handmade surfboards with his surname.

Founded: Early 1980s
Founder: Shawn Stussy
Location: Irvine, CA, USA

About Stussy

Synonymous with street culture, and worn by DJs to skaters alike, Stussy’s appeal strikes far and wide and is known for being one of the oldest and original streetwear brands. Stussy resigned as president of the company in 1996 and sold his company holdings to his business partner, Frank Sinatra Jnr. who had partnered up with Stussy in 1984 to start selling Stussy apparel. Shawn Stussy no longer is involved with the brand in any way, and currently running his new design project, S-Double Studios.
Shawn Stussy – “Everybody calls it surf wear, or urban street wear, or surf street… I don’t name it, and I don’t name it on purpose.”

By 1988, Stussy was in Europe; soon after the Stussy brand began to be embraced by the hip-hop crowd, Stussy hats became hot commodities. Stussy was also hired by various artists to pen their album cover info, in his unique handwriting font.

Stussy’s popularity has waned since Shawn Stussy left the company in the mid-90s. However, revival of the original 1980s designs has garnered a huge buzz, and Stussy has pushed itself forward into the streetwear market again.

Stussy is also known for it’s many collaborations with other brands, including Stones Throw for the J Dilla Anniversary T-Shirt, Levis, Fred Perry, Doc Martens, Haze, New Era to name a few. Stussy also hosted ‘Dilla Day’ in honour of music producer J Dilla, on Feburary 10th 2010, over stores across the US, which showed the 3 part video documentary series created by Stussy chronicling the producer and rapper’s life and work. Parts 1 and 2 have already been released, and part 3 is soon to be released.