Sometimes you just want to throw every trend into a box, spin it around and see what comes out, military and workwear inspired products are mixed in with a more sartorial look. We’re pretty excited about the pending Carhartt and Junya Watanabe releases, so there was no way we could overlook this jacket.


1. Thom Browne Shirt | info here
2. Junya Watanabe X Carhartt Jacket | info here
3. Engineered Garments Olive Reversed Sateen Fatigue Pant | The Bureau
4. Moscot Lemtosh | Moscot
5. Junya Wayanabe X Trickers | colette

2 Responses

  1. zippers

    the pants don't go well with that the new streetwear thing to wear wingtips? i didn't see that one coming 2 years ago.

  2. slamxhype

    the juxtaposition of the pants was my point really…its all in the way you wear things..