This doesn’t match, it even clashes, but the last thing you want in the jungle is to look like you care, but then again, if you really didn’t care you wouldn’t have bought the Supreme X Hanes colab, you would have bought a 3 pack instead, sometimes shell shock confuses us all.


1. Filson Cover Cloth Crushable Packer Hat | Filson
2. Balabushka Remnants ‘FUCK’ Pin Badges | Honeyee
3. W)Taps Splatter Union Shirt| The-Glade
4. Supreme X Hanes Crewneck Tee | Browns
5.Workaday by Engineered Garments Olive Fatigue Pant | The Bureau
6. Mark McNairy for Union Snuff Suede Brogue | Union LA

One Response

  1. Openzedoor

    This outfit would be cool without the brogues – they make it look like something a gardener would wear. I'm thinking a nice pair of trainers would do it, although that's going to ruin the jungle vibe.