Super Bowl Sunday brought a couple of surprises good and bad.
Packers scoring the first touchdown winning me a $20 bet… Good.
Ford Commercial…  Bad
Black Eyed Peas… HORRIFIC. I wanted to stick forks in my ears
Eminem’s Brisk Commercial, Eminem’s first ever endorsement collaboration.
I love this commercial. I have a thing for claymation. And Slim Shady in clay form makes him just seem so cute and cuddly.. and less um scary.
[youtube width=”640″ height=”385″][/youtube]
How about another look??
Take a look at the Eminem Super Bowl Commercial and keep your eyes peeled. Within the vid are several “Easter Eggs” hidden within referencing Eminem’s past album art or music vid scenes. Let’s see if any of you eagle eyes can catch them. The first to find all of them will win a case of Brisk to enjoy. So comment, and let’s see if you win.