"The Superdome is a mythical stadium: built in 1975 in New Orleans (Louisiana), it has hosted numerous Super Bowls (the American football championship’s final), a Rolling Stones concert, Pope John Paul II, the Republican Convention and refugees of Hurricane Katrina. Paradoxical, the Superdome builds a bridge between the greatest entertainment and the greatest anguish. Inspired by its additional and schizophrenic logic, mixing "I can get no satisfaction" AND "Our Father in heaven", Marc-Olivier Wahler puts forward SUPERDOME: a new session composed of five solo exhibitions balancing between entertainment and desolation, decibels and prayers, high-tech and chaos, as the continuation of a program testing the notion of the elasticity of art which started at the Palais de Tokyo with Five Billion Years."

A truelly fascinating collection of work which should be checke dout if in the area, otherwise take a look below at some of the installation and read more at the Palais De Paris website.

Thanks to Sarah from colette for the heads up.