I often speak to people about the impact the internet has had on Streetwear, but I think its presumptious to pin this change down to Streetwear, its affects the world as a whole in a big way.. however the impact it has on Streetwear and Street Culture for that matter is without a doubt an interesting one.. A Culture that for so long has stayed locally driven has begun to distribute its influence much wider. The eminent launch of first Honeyee’s online store, then Neighborhood’s and now Supreme’s this Thursday is as strong a vehicle in this movement as you’ll see. Supreme will open their famously exclusive product up to the internet this week allowing anyone to purchase. Whether this is a US only store or not, it at the very least opens the gates to those outside of NYC or LA. I’ll be super interested to see how it pans out, whether the server can cope with the influx is probably the biggest concern of those in Supreme’s NYC offices come this Thursday at 11am. Supreme Online Store.