Founded: New York City, USA in 1994
Founder: James Jebbia
Location: New York City, USA

About Supreme

Supreme was founded in New York City in 1994 based on the skateboard culture, downtown culture, and regeneration of young counter culture in general, yet beyond the classification of solely street fashion label and skater identity and developing a renowned and integrated leader in the razor’s edge of fashion, art, and sports. James Jebbia, the founder of the brand, opened the door of Supreme at Lafayette Street in downtown New York after Sean Stussy left the business of partnership with Mr. Jebbia. Even though the store was begun the business during the economic downturn, James discovered a tremendous demand for quality, style, and authentic apparel and accessories among New York skaters specifically who were typically 18-24 year-old, which inspired James to start a unique business that had never been touched on before at that time. Supreme is always sticking to a sense of the early ’90s where the brand was established and influenced by that special era. However, Supreme is able to keep the phase of what is going on in fashion that it collaborated with artists like Larry Clark, Jeff Koons, Richard Prince, Christopher Wool, Nate Lowman, and most recently, Damien Hirst. Brand crossovers are sought-after including projects with Nike, w)taps, Neighborhood, Original Fake, North Face, and many more while maintaining quantities limited. Currently, Supreme has two stores in the US located in New York City and Los Angeles, and 5 stores across the Japanese market.