It’s not often I come home to find someone waiting for me. But today I had not one, but two visitors standing outside my door. I think I surprised them as I was just coming back from a photoshoot and caught them just knocking on my door, calling out my name. It’s funny when the tables are turned that way.

The young woman, with camcorder in hand, handed me an envelope with my name on it, while a large man in a black suit (it’s hot today, ouch!) stood beside her holding a safe. Yes, an actually safe. Within the envelope, a code. I unlocked the safe to find, surprise, another envelope.. ¬†Inside was an invitation to the Nike Vault Opening.. and a key to unlock…??? Hopefully the answers to the mysterious of the universe, maybe an everlasting gobstopper.. or possibly a pair of shoes. With Nike you never know, it’s always a surprise.