Hey whats up cousin? My name is Timothy Walkiewicz, some of you may know me as Tim Artz this is my new blog for slamXhype called “Suspects Arrested.”

I make this zine and cartoon called “Duffed Out”, its about hanging out Downtown NYC in 2008. If you are into hanging out in 2008 you should totally buy it. If you are not into hanging out in 2008 you should buy it anyway.

Here’s some stills from the cartoon:

I’m also involved with this Cult called the Almghty Dustward Nation. We are interested in total global domination through communication, inspiration, and relaxation. Fuck everyone that bites us.

I’m not interested in selling you a lifestyle or give you a guidebook on how to live. I’m just letting you know how its going down now and has been going down for years by a number of people that you may have never heard of.

If you are in Philly at the end of September you can witness some of what I am talking about.

Megawords is holding it down! For the full month’s schedule of events please check out megawordsmagazine.com.

More Soon-