Upon the successful relaunch of his much beloved Serum vs Venom (SVSV) label, David Gensler has returned to interject what he feels is the broken and institutionalized fashion system which modern day labels adhere to. WIth the latest collection from SVSV entitled “our Hyper-Reality” Gensler sought to impose a personal reality check, in a sense, by breaking away from the standard practices of seasonal offerings, and trend based looks. Instead, SVSV will function via instinct, only producing what and when based off of their direct relationship with their supports and customer base.

The collection’s influences are as diverse as any collection we have previewed within the last few years. Ethnic Ikat fabrics are applied to reconstructed vintage and deadstock military garments. Knits from Canada’s Roopa Knitting Mills provide additional texture and layering pieces. With a collection as extensive as “out Hyper-Reality” many labels would have suffered from a lack of cohesion, this isn’t the case in this instance as each piece carries a thread from the next garment. The entire collection is currently available through the SVSV online store and will launch at Henrik Vibskov New York within a month.