THE NORTH FACE and SWAGGER team up for their 5th, limited and exclusive collabo this winter. Swagger designers Big-O and Iggy brought Swagger’s unique approach to design and detail to THE NORTH FACE’s commitment to form and function. This November two different Swagger designs will be available through THE NORTH FACE: "Gore Scoop Jacket" is available in two classic colors, Neon Red and Aluminum, both shades custom blended for Swagger’s design team.

THE NORTH FACE logo is washed in the same color as the jacket and Swagger’s dollar sign name is discreetly nestled in the jacket’s interior. The second design, the Hyvent Mountain jacket. Hyvent is an innovative, breathable material developed in labs of THE NORTH FACE. The Hyvent is available in Black and "Snow Tree Camo" print, a winter field that reads as clearly as a photograph. THE NORTH FACE is stitched in gold and Swagger’s brand name sits on the black mesh or snow tree camo lining in bright blue.

Both jackets are available at the end of the month at Swagger’s two flagship locations in Tokyo and throughout Japan at Swagger’s six other branches. The "Gore Scoop Jacket" retails for 49,350 Yen. The "Hyvent Mountain Jacket" retails for 40,950 Yen. Both jackets are available worldwide at the in sizes M-XXL.