s’yte by Yohji Yamamoto

We may be late to the party on this one but about a year ago this time Yohji Yamamoto announced the launch of an experimental collection which was to only be found on the site of the brand appropriately named s’yte. s’yte brings causual wear to the fold of Yohji Yamamoto wears which are known for anti-silhouette, deconstructed, and loose styling an design aesthetic influenced by the heritage and homeland of Yohji, Japan. For s’yte, familiar and less abstract approach is applied to garbs for a more approachable collection un abated by seasons nor trends. Although less fussy then mainline Yohji collections s’yte remains as quality and detail driven as its siblings as seen via highly elaborated embroidery and beautiful woven textiles which create playful tension juxtaposed against other patterns and playful tailoring. For Yohji to step out on a limb with such a experimental collection only available through an online portal is commendable and really speaks to his understanding of todays market and need for relevance. We look forward to continuing to check in with s’yte and report its continual growth.