Uniqlo is without a doubt the most well put together no branding concept in the world today, from its original concept, to its recent re-invention and introduction to the western world in europe and the states, and all its progress in between. To me, the story of Uniqlo is incredibly interesting and also an outstanding business model to learn from. I saw this documentary and interview on CNN’s Talk Asia a few weeks back, in three parts the interview with founder, Tadashi Yanai, is now available online, he discusses Uniqlo as a brand, Working for Uniqlo and his views on American Consumers.

"Billionaire founder of Japanese clothing giant UNIQLO, Tadashi Yanai is credited for introducing cheap chic to the designer-conscious Japanese youth. Starting off with a single store in Hiroshima in 1984, UNIQLO is now a worldwide operation with 750 stores.

As the brand continues to go global, Yanai discusses his clothing empire, the secret to providing high-quality basics with an affordable price tag, and his quintessentially Japanese work ethos."

Watch the video interviews here.