When Jacie over at NIKE sent over an email with the subject header: Special Invitation, it piqued my interest. Not so much the “special” part, but the fact that “invitation” was spelled out..  It wasn’t just an “invite.” But when I read the highlighted words consisting of “TRICK,” “MUST,” “AND”, “NO,” “RAD,” “ASAP”, and “BOTH.” I was a little worried. With that many capitalized words in such a brief email, my mind began to wander and wonder..  What did NIKE have in store for me???

My first thought….. Organ Harvesting. After all, it is World Cup and that NIKE Ad Campaign featuring Ronaldo, Rooney, Drogba, Ribery, etc. couldn’t have been cheap. They’d need my organs to sell to offset the marketing costs.

My second thought….. A chance at freedom. I’ve been holed away helping my sister with my new nephew and this was a good excuse to get out… kidney or no kidney.

When the second email hit my inbox the surprise had slowly revealed itself. Show up to Dodger Stadium on Thursday night and DON’T be late. The instructions were easy enough to follow, but the illegal pot farm bust that blocked off traffic for me to get to the stadium made things a bit more difficult. After several phone calls to my girl Emily and several panicked moments making illegal U-turns while on the phone (sorry officer), I found my way to Lot G, where several old faces were standing around, all wondering, what exactly was to take place.

And then we walked in….

This is when you start to wonder…  how did I get here? What lead me to this moment? Is that a BBQ buffet and a DJ??!! What is the meaning of life? Then you just have to shut up, stop thinking, and take it all in.

Welcome To Dodger Stadium…. Joy Yoon….??  Thank you NIKE!

Jackie Robinson’s Magical Number.. #42

In the opposing teams dugout with my old friend Eddie Cruz (UNDFTD)

“Dead in the Dugout” shot

Using Eddie as my model for those “Hmm.. baseball history” blog shots

A very important part of the Dodgers Clubhouse

My custom jersey!

While I passed out from too much excitement…

Emily found time to meditate.
It’s hard even now to put into words how it felt to experience something so amazing.
Thank you NIKE, Jacie, Lena, Rachel, Nils, Mark, and more.