Track bikes have become a substantial part of the scene and the culture as we know today, with many entities paying homage to the bike in various forms here comes an exhibition of mass proportions. Entitled New York Bike Dreams, photographer and messenger Takuya Sakamoto who grew up in Yokohama and Okayama, Sakamoto has compiled an impressive array of snaps while on the job. Having become a huge part of the Japanese dance scene in the 90’s he then relocated to New York where he embraced the mechanical contraption on two wheels and turned it into a lifestyle in which he is set to present in Manhattan on March 27. All the details you need are on the flyer and take a look at Tak’s impressive work below which is just a small taste of what will be on show.

New York Bike Dreams

March 27th – May 10th 2008


3 Great Jones St.

New York City 10012

p: 212.420.9955