Volkswagen- while the automotive industry is on its knees…

Photograph: Dean Siracusa/Corbis

A bit like Andy Warhol’s “15minutes of fame”, VW was the most valuable company in the world for about… a day.  When Porsche set out to buy VW yesterday, German automobile company was suddenly worth more than Wal-Mart, Microsoft and GE and substantially more than all of America’s and Europe’s car-makers combined… valuing 280bn euros… then after the Champaign panic, it fell… dramatically… 74.1% today.

I was with Shine (our studio manager) under a grey umbrella and the grey sky yesterday, he told me he believes in money, I was thinking “ haha it’s good my manager believes in money, my partner and I are probably the only Jew and Chinese who are not so good with money)” but money is really like fame, it can buy me 15 minutes of happiness maybe… then it makes me worried about making more, spending it and potentially loosing it all.