The iconic British style magazine ’i-D’ created a while ago ’Fashion Now 2’, which is a Taschen guide to over 160 of the world`s most important designers featuring in-depth interviews and articles. Taschen has recently recreated the book into a smaller sized softcover 15 x 19cm version as its 25th anniversary special edition publication. The book is multilingual (German, French, English) and is illustrated with the very best fashion photography and styling, extracted from shoots in the archives of the magazine Also included is an introduction by i-D founder and editor-in-chief Terry Jones, along with essays on the issues that are shaping fashion today: the fashion show system, the precarious position of the celebrity designer, and the rise of menswear.

"Fashion Now 2 is an encyclopedia of fashion personalities, a portfolio of amazing imagery, but most of all, a snapshot of the fast-changing contemporary fashion world, as seen through the lens of one of the best-loved magazines published today." A great book that provides an in-dept insight into the designers in the industry, definitely a must-have whether you are a collector, just interested or for reference. Available now on Amazon. Check out the images below. Thanks to info from AnyoneGirl.