The internet superhighway is seriously excited about SZA, the most recent addition to Dr. Dre’s Top Dawg Entertainment roster.

At just 23 years old, the New Jersey vocalist has turned 2 stellar EP releases into a recording contract with arguably the most talked about label in the current hip-hop/R&B space, all in the course of a year. It doesn’t matter if you’re a card-carrying Player Hater – this is a tough artist for anyone to be mad at.

Her most recent offering comes in the form of captivating visuals for “Ice Moon,” a smooth (and nothing short of trippy) R&B fusion joint featured on her sophomore EP “S,” which is available on her Soundcloud page. There’s a lot about this song that’s refreshing, but most notably is how the vibrant and peculiar imagery seems to compete with the sonic aesthetic of the track in almost an interactive way.  Let’s send aggressive props in SZA’s general direction. Watch it now. Yes, right now.