From a time predating the Teddy Boy Spiv look of early Rock ‘n’ Roll, there has always bee the sharp and smart spirit of the gent. Throughout fashion history, men have nicked the style of their betters, as each class increases its income to dispose on style-making clothing. A more brazen style that had ever been seen before – tougher than wild western outlaws and more wild than Marlon Brando’s Wild One. Much of this first generation of streetwear can be found at A Child of the Jago, London’s recently opened men’s fashion shop. The shop carries original Terrorist clothing and artefacts (the shop’s label is named Terrorist), a preemptive strike at the heart of fashion today. Amongst the tailored suits and contemporary streetwear, the collection
creates a new message from a heritage of long forgotten fashion credentials. The spirit lives on today with street styles around the globe. The Jago makes a point of ensuring not only do you look good but you feel it is the clothes that make the man. Look the part, feel the part.

Adventurous shoppers who explore A Child Of The Jago can find themselves in an Aladin’s cave of curiosities and vintage collectable clothing. The basement space is an ever-changing room filled with an abundance of artefacts collected from the Terrorist’s travels through time. Items include original military uniforms from many of the world’s great conflicts, a tasty looking wild boar, an archive of vinyl records covering the best musical genres and a Hells Angel’s false leg. Even the time machine used by the Terrorist explorers is on show. However, it is defunct, having been damaged on a recent mission, now missing its crucial time-travelling component parts.

The retail store is the brainchild of Agent Provocateur’s Joe Corre and the Terrorist clothing line is designed by Simon “Barnzley” Armitage.

A Child Of The Jago is located at 10 Great Eastern Street, EC2A 3NT.

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