Simply put your denim can tell a story. So much can be told via your trusted pair of denim as each whisker, fade, hole, wash and stain is a direct representation of the wearers lifestyle. Aloha Rag’s rapidly expanding in house label, AR, has taken to 8 very diverse New Yorkers to capture and tell the unique stories and introduce their two new cuts of denim as each wearer lives their lives in them for what is being called The AR Denim Project. Josh Rosen from Saturdays, artist Curtis Kulig (Love Me) and rising musician George Lewis Jr. (Twin Shadows) are just a few of the personalities taking part in this interesting story telling platform again centered around the AR denim. Gain a first hand glimpse into the actual personalized approach to the break in period to each wearers denim as well as gain an glimpse into the lives of some pretty interesting and insightful personalities. Launch THe AR Denim Project here.